Bicycle Team Building – Bike Build For Charity

Bicycle team building is an interactive workshop where participants complete fun exercises in order to earn the parts to build bicycles for children in the local community.

Whether your group works together for the same company or represents different businesses, they will benefit from taking a light-hearted look at personality styles through a bicycle team building event. The new buzzword is corporate social responsibility (CSR) – being a good corporate citizen by giving back, conserving resources, and “going green”. Our workshops are a fantastic way to help meet your CSR goals by helping those less fortunate in your local community!

This Charity Bicycle Team Building Workshop will help your team learn to appreciate the differences that each team member brings to a group.

Do We Just Build Some Bicycles, Or Is There More To It?

Incorporate all these aspects while each team earns parts and tools to assemble bikes for kids in need. We’ll show your team how to navigate through problem solving to get where they want to go. A bike build charity event is a challenging program will have your teams working under pressure and loving every minute of it! The conclusion to the bicycle team building workshop is the realization that every individual in the team is critical to its overall success and that we accomplish more when we resolve issues together.