Bicycle Team Building: How it Works

You may be wondering how it takes an entire two hours to build bicycles.

It doesn’t, actually! However it does take an entire two hours to build skills, develop relationships, expand roles, and improve communication skills!

Bicycle Team Building: Not Just About Assembling Bikes

Bicycle-Team-Building-How-It-WorksYou see, we’re not just building bikes here…we’re strengthening your team in multiple ways, as well as making sure everyone participates and has a great day working for local kids. That’s what our team building workshops are all about.

Our facilitators have been building teams by building bicycles since the 1990s, so they’ve got the formula down. It’s a formula that ensures you get the most out of your workshop event, which means value and results.

How do we do this? We create our bicycle workshops around the principle that success is a process, not an event. Each step of they way, your team will be learning by doing. Activities are carefully planned and executed to unlock the secrets of what makes a great team “tick”.

Participants will gain insights, gain skills, and develop in ways which will be easily transferred back to the office. In that regard, the bicycle workshop is only the beginning of greater teamwork to come!

How Bicycle Team Building Workshops Deliver the Results You Want

1. Your group will be broken into teams. No scary grade-school team picking of favorites here, though! Our facilitators have developed fun and creative ways to divide your group randomly so nobody falls into old familiar patterns.

Aiming for an interdepartmental mix of personality types, the goal is to have individuals building bikes with people they don’t normally work with back in the office. This generates a wonderfully rich environment for new relationships and improved communication skills. Teams may be comprised of individuals who’ve never even met!

2. Next, we start everyone off on the right foot. So everyone feels comfortable with their new team members, we work in a few icebreakers. It’s amazing what a few laughs can do to relax everyone and completely change the tone of the room. At no time during any of our bicycle team building events do we want people to feel uncomfortable!

3. Now we get to work…building. Teams are presented with challenges, obstacles, puzzles and goals. They’ll have to work hard to rise to the challenges our facilitators throw their way!

Of course these “challenges” are designed to build each team’s strengths, whether it’s role development or improved skills.

4. When teams achieve small goals, they earn something. Only by achieving success at each stage of the event will each team earn bicycle parts and the tools used to put the bikes together.

Now you see why it takes two hours to build bicycles!

5. The Big Reveal becomes the real lesson of the day. We can’t tell you what The Big Reveal is because we’d be giving away our trade secrets, and we don’t like it when others copy our innovative techniques without permission!

Suffice it to say, teams find out that there’s something much bigger going on than completing simple activities to earn parts and tools…and it’s here that they’ll learn the most valuable lessons of all.

6. We debrief your team for locked-in learning. The end of the workshop signals it’s time for our facilitators to lead the fun and fascinating debriefing sessions. This is how we ensure a transfer of learning back to the workplace.

7. The last step is optional but highly recommended! This is where we invite the kids who’ll be receiving the completed bicycles to come in and get their bikes. You couldn’t ask for a more heart-warming end to a great day of team building fun!