Holiday Team Building

Holiday cookies, boozy parties, corporate gift-giving… what do the holidays at work mean to your group? How about giving back, good times, and a positive, team-strengthening way to celebrate the holidays?

That’s what holiday team building means around here at Bicycle Team Building. Groups get together to celebrate the season of giving by building bicycles for local kids… but with a holiday twist to everything!

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Big red bows adorn the bicycles, the teamwork challenge games are holiday-themed, and we can even work in some holiday cookies if you want! It’s all customizable.

We’ll Customize Your Holiday Workshop

Speaking of customization, tell us what you’d like for your year-end workshop and we’ll create the event you imagine. It can be more holiday party than anything, or we can focus on the bike build, or even the team-building aspects of the workshop.

Any way you mix things, it always comes up fun and full of holiday spirit.

We can arrange just an hour-long workshop to fit within your general holiday party. We can also take on the whole event, from ice breakers to holiday games to the assembly of the bicycles and the donation ceremony that caps off the whole event.

Choose From All Our Charity Workshops for Your Holiday Event

We’re a bicycle building/team building company, but we also offer other ways to give back year-round. Any one of our charity team building workshops can be customized to fit the holiday theme.

Take Wheelcharity™, for example. Teams assemble wheelchairs for local veteran’s groups or hospitals. People don’t stop needing wheelchairs during the holidays, and the season of giving is the perfect time to connect with local charitable organizations as they make their final push for the year.

Here are some other charity workshops that, like our number one Bike-A-Thon™, make wonderful holiday workshop events.

  • Donate-A-Dinner™. Here, teams compete in fun, teamwork-oriented challenges. Winning means earning points, which then add up to donated dinners. The better each group is at teamwork, the more dinners they’ll end up donating to a local group. Plus, during the holidays, this is a truly poignant way to give back, since a big holiday meal can mean so much to so many.
  • Mission: Military Care. Here, groups assemble care packages for soldiers who miss home because they’re stationed overseas. It’s never great to miss home, but during the holidays it’s especially difficult to be separated from loved ones and friends. The holiday version of Mission: Military Care has holiday gifts going out to our overseas military men and women- it’s a time-honored tradition that makes a big impact!

Ready to Book Your Holiday Event?

Whether it’s a full-on holiday party with a charitable twist or a combo event that mainly focuses on the charity work, we’ll put together a holiday event that gets everyone involved in the season of giving.

Book early, since our holiday slots fill up fast- this is a popular way to celebrate the end of the year!
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