Team Building Benefits: Improved Communication

You wouldn’t know it, but building bikes takes a substantial amount of communication…when you’re building one as a team, that is!

And that’s partly the point of our immensely popular Bike Building for Charity events. Teams are motivated by the will to succeed and success can only come about by employing some serious communication skills! Motivation comes from knowing the finished product will go to deserving kids in the community who need bicycles. When everyone’s working for a cause they all believe in, they’ll work even harder to get the job done!

And if succeeding in finishing the “job” entails breaking down barriers to communication, then we’ve made some real progress. Of course that’s our goal with our bicycle team building activities: improved communication skills.

How Does Building Bikes Make for Better Communication?

Group participation in the fun activities we’ve developed bring people together with innovative techniques. These techniques are designed to engage team members in brand new ways, thereby opening up new lines of communication.

Communication is the Cornerstone of Teamwork

Communication is the cornerstone of teamwork. It’s about the ability to adapt to new situations and still communicate effectively to accomplish whatever goals you’ve set your sights set upon. The more your team practices communication skills, the more every individual gets to contribute, the stronger they become.

But teams who don’t communicate effectively won’t benefit from having all their ideas voiced. The idea behind Bicycle Team Building Events is to break down the existing barriers to communication.

Working through challenges which require a variety of skills means individuals must draw upon each other as resources…that’s what we call teamwork!

Communication is the Key to Success- With Bicycles and Beyond

Accomplishing anything in a group means you’re dealing with extra layers of complexity. At work or during a team building workshop, the one factor that makes all the difference is communication.

By placing obstacles before your team as they attempt to build their bicycles, our facilitators ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to participate and develop valuable communication skills.

Every Contribution Matters, No Matter How Great It Is

Awaken a renewed sense of individual accomplishment when team members realize their contributions matter. Teams thrive when everyone makes a contribution to group problems solving.

That’s because fresh ideas are what spark the fires of productive brainstorming and true collaboration for success…

…and it all starts with communication. Teams will learn effective communication strategies as well as build an understanding for personality styles, forming a foundation for high level communication skills that will take them further in the workplace.