Team Building Benefits: Relationship Building

When was the last time your team came together as equals and left their old routines behind? Bicycle team building is the chance to break down the hierarchies that develop over time in the workplace, and which sometimes get in the way of progress.

Relationship Building is About Finding Respect

When individuals discover new skills, new strengths and new dimensions within themselves and each other, the result can only be positive! Teams get better and stronger when individuals are allowed to move beyond stereotypes, cliques, and other disruptive behavior based on lack of respect and understanding.

Bicycle Team Building Levels the Playing Field

Bicycle team building brings everyone together on the same playing field where nobody starts out with more knowledge, more experience or more aptitude for the task at hand. In order to build the bicycles, team must think creatively and everyone must contribute. Individuals must rely on each other, so relationships develop quickly here!

Action-Based Learning Provides a Backdrop for Relationship Building

Experiential learning activities will throw team members together in fun yet challenging situations where collaboration is the key to success. It’s all hands on deck as they have fun building their bikes and working closely together- it’s the proven way to quickly build positive relationships that lead to stronger teams and possibly even increased productivity back at work.

Of course there are other benefits to experiential learning. The results your team realizes will depend on their existing workplace relationships, demographics, attitude and more. Nevertheless, we can honestly say that our bicycle team building workshops create real bonds that lead to better teams no matter where they’re coming from!