Team Building Benefits: Role Development

This is What Happens When People Step Outside Their Daily Roles

There’s a rush of excitement and a sense of accomplishment that comes with stepping outside the boundaries of everyday existence. By stretching to take on new roles in bicycle team building activities, your group will experience a fresh perspective on the parts each of them play every day at work.

Roles at Work

Each team member has his or her individual strengths at work. Over time, as teams gel and get to know each other, these strengths become guideposts for the roles each person plays. It’s only natural: everyone gravitates towards playing roles that come easy.

Some of us are born leaders, while other are more focused on details. This variety works out as each of us bring to the table our best skills in the roles that we play.

These Workshop Activities Will Shake Things Up a Bit

The workshop activities will allow and encourage a reversal of roles as team members work to get their bicycles built. In fact, it will be required that they mix things up a bit as far as the roles each person plays.

Managers will learn to focus on details while those who normally take on that role might stretch into a leadership position.

Stretching into unfamiliar roles lends appreciation for those who normally take on those roles. Recognizing the strengths of others makes any group stronger. Teams take on new understanding of how each member complements the others, and how individual contributions can lead to success in everything they do.