Team Building Benefits: Skill Development

Here at the original Charity Bike Build, we’re all about long term benefits for your team. We’re sure you’d agree when we say it’s important that workshops have value built right in.

That’s why we’re thinking of practical applications when we design each one of our bicycle team building events.

Tangible Value in the Form of Skill Development

A bicycle building event should be about much more than having a fun day working for a charitable cause. While this is certainly part of the goal, there’s another key element to a successful team building workshop, and that’s skill development.

This is Your Opportunity…

In the busy workplace, there’s often no time for individuals to work on skill development. Likewise, managers don’t have time to discover the versatility of each team member.

We design our bike building workshops so that team members can develop these important skills while they have fun building bicycles.

Free from the distractions of work, looming deadlines and stale communication patterns, your team will thrive in a new environment. It’s the perfect setting to lay some groundwork for actual skill development.

This is your opportunity to help your team build valuable skills. The team building exercises they’ll complete will kick start a fresh perspective on any or all of the following areas:

  • focus, drive and motivation
  • efficiency and using time wisely
  • collaboration
  • team involvement