Why Bicycle Team Building

We know that you have options when choosing a bicycle team building vendor for your event.

There are plenty of vendors out there willing to take your money and provide you with some sort of event. They claim to be the biggest, the baddest, the best, the oldest in the business, the “original team building”, the newest and most revolutionary, the list goes on and on.

But we know that hype and hyperbole only get you so far, and sooner or later you have to deliver the goods. Where other team building companies hire local inexperienced people in each region to handle one-off events, we maintain a core group of facilitators who deliver solid, consistent quality.

We pride ourselves on the outstanding reputation of our experienced team building professionals with an average of 15+ years in the business. By making YOU successful, we become successful, and we believe in building relationships with clients who return for workshop after workshop rather that just a quick customer.

Our clients love us!

Because we make their job easy, and we make them look good! They keep coming back because we consistently deliver high quality workshops and we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on the tuition portion of any workshop if you’re not completely satisfied.

We also offer a wide range of fun and engaging charity team building workshops, not just bicycle team building. These programs not only develop a stronger and more cohesive team, but each one has a charitable component — giving back to your community through local charities. These interactive team building activities promote creative thinking, problem solving, team work, and breaking down silos.

If you’re looking for crazy beach Olympics or a ropes course, we’re not your vendor. If you want a workshop that will inspire and energize your team while giving back to your local community, give us a call or request a quote and let’s build your team and some bikes together!